President assures permanent solution for garbage problem
2017-Jul-24 | By News Admin

President Maithripala Sirisena says the government will provide a permanent solution to the garbage problem so that no future government will be burdened with this problem. He said former governments did not solve this garbage problem.

The President was speaking at a ceremony held on Saturday (22nd July) to open the newly built Sri Seelarathana Nahimi Commemoration Meditation Hall at the Millathakanda Viveka Senasanaya in Kirindiwela, Millathe.
“The government has already started the program to provide permanent solution to the garbage problem, with the international assistance and technical guidance. The garbage will not be a problem to the people in this country in the coming years”, he said.
He pointed out that there is only opposition of everybody about the garbage. “Not only opposition, but also solutions are required in solving this problem which is a challenge to the entire country”, he said.

The President further stated that the country today wants the discipline and well-behavior of the people. “Even if the physical resources are developed, good human and a good society is born through spiritual philosophy” he said. He added that these kinds of meditation centers will be helpful for that.

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