'I Will Only Leave Office After Bringing Corrupt Politicians To Book:" President Says Amid Impeachment Claims
2018-Jan-19 | By News Admin

"Some people ask questions when I will leave Presidency. I will only leave presidency after bringing corrupt politicians to book," President Maithripala Sirisena said, addressing an election rally in Kosgama, yesterday.

The President also said he was ready to take to streets with people to start a fresh journey against fraud and corruption.

This comes in the wake of discussions between a section of the UNP and the Joint Opposition on moving an impeachment against President Sirisena. It was a sign that the President was perturbed by rumours emanating from the corridors of power. 

"After the Local Government elections held on February 10, a national movement against the corruption will be established joining hands with everyone who loves the country", the President said. He extended an invitation to all the citizens who love the motherland, including all the religious leaders and intellectuals to join in with this initiative.

Referring to the request made by former leaders to the people of this country, to rectify the mistake happened on January 08, 2015, the President questioned whether they wanted to bring back an era of disappearances, killings, murders of journalists and attacks on media institutions.

Thus, the international image had for the past regime and the former leaders have still not vanished, said the president and stressed that the people of this country were not ready to go back to that era. 

Sources : asianmirror