Mangala Makes Sneering Remark At Cardinal Over Human Rights: Says Cardinal Attempting To Be A Populist
2018-Sep-25 | By News Admin

Finance and Media Minister Mangala Samaraweera made a sneering remark at Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith over the latter’s remark on Western nations  preaching human rights.

“The need for human rights was an outcome of the marauding religious zealots of the Inquisition & the Crusades,where non believers were massacred "En-Bloc",” Samaraweera said, responding to Cardinal Ranjith’s controversial views  on human rights.

“Pity, the Cardinal always seems to get things wrong in trying to be a populist,” he also added.

Cardinal Ranjith, speaking at a Church event in Ja-ela said, the human rights were introduced recently but Sri Lankans inclined its through religion for centuries.

“Human rights was found recently. If we can live in a correct manner there is no need for human rights. Those who do not practice religion are the ones who hang on human rights. We should not deceive by these charms. We should act wisely,” he said

Cardinal Ranjith came  under criticism on social media recently, over his decision to support President Maithripala Sirisena’s view on imposing death penalty.

Sources : asianmirror