Sampanthan's Meeting With Rajapaksa Purely Based On Bringing Current Political Crisis To An End: TNA MP
2018-Oct-31 | By News Admin

Opposition Leader R.Sampanthan's meeting with new Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa was purely based on bringing the current political crisis to an end, a senior TNA Parliamentarian told Asian Mirror. 

"There was absolutely no discussion about supporting Rajapaksa in Parliament or working together as one group," he explains. 

"Our idea is that the current crisis is no longer about individuals and personalities. It is now an issue of due process and the constitutional procedures," the MP added.

Sampanthan has also written a letter to Speaker Karu Jayasuriya requesting him to convene Parliament with immediate effect and allow the legislature to perform its legitimate functions.

n his letter, Sampanthan says the request has been made “recognizing the necessity of upholding the supremacy of the constitution of Sri Lanka and the supremacy of Parliament comprising of the democratically elected representatives of the people.”

Sources : asianmirror