Proposal To Cut Budgetary Allocations To Prime Minister's Office Presented To Parliament: House Likely To Take Vote On Nov 29
2018-Nov-19 | By News Admin

A proposal to cut budgetary allocations to the Prime Ministers Office has been presented to Parliament by the United National Front today. 

When the proposal was discussed at the party leaders meeting, the UPFA has asked for "five working days" to face the vote. 

Accordingly, the party leaders have agreed to take the vote on the proposal on November 29. 

TNA Parliamentarian M.A. Sumanthiran, explaining the objective of the proposal said, it was Parliament that had the authority to handle public finance. 

"This is a token of the legislature's power over public finance. We will cut budgetary allocations to the purported Prime Minister's office. However, we have not decided to restrict finances to other ministers," he explained. 

"We maintain the position that there is no Cabinet in the country at the moment as the no-confidence motion against former President Mahinda Rajapaksa has been adopted by Parliament," he said addressing a press conference attended by all parties leaders supporting the no-confidence motion. 

Sources : asianmirror