President Says He Will Respect Court's Decision On Dissolution: "This Is A Conflict Between Local Values And Foreign Powers"
2018-Dec-10 | By News Admin

President Maithripala Sirisena today said he would accept the Supreme Court ruling on the dissolution of Parliament, whatever it may be. 

The President made this remark as the Supreme Court is set to deliver a ruling on a historic case over the legality of the Gazette issued by Sirisena dissolving Parliament on November 09. Informed legal sources added that the Supreme Court's ruling on the matter might come on Monday (10).

Addressing an event in Polonnaruwa this morning, Sirisena expressed hopes that the judiciary would deliver its verdict soon, as many critical matters - including the budget for next year - hinged on the Supreme Court's ruling.

Sirisena also thanked the tri-forces, the Police and state officials for ensuring the peace and stability in the country, despite a political crisis. 

He said the current political crisis was not a conflict between two political parties. 

"It is also not a conflict between two individuals - Ranil Wickremesinghe and myself. It is a conflict between our local values and the interests of foreign powers," he added. 

Sirisena said it is also a manifestation of the same struggle Sri Laka has experienced throughout its history.

Sources : asianmirror