President Sirisena Hits Fresh Snag Over Referendum: Prospects Of Referendum Are Hampered By Several Factors
2018-Dec-14 | By News Admin

Although President Maithripala Siriena has explored the possibility of holding a referendum following an unfavourable ruling by the Supreme Court, the prospect of a referendum are hampered by several factors, Asian Mirror learns. 

During a meeting at the Presidential Secretariat yesterday, Sirisena has asked leaders of the UPFA to create a positive public opinion about holding a referendum. However, Sirisena did not clearly inform them whether he had decided to go for a referendum in the face of an unfavourable ruling. 

It was after this meeting that UPFA MP John Seneviratne went on record saying President Sirisena is considering a referendum on a General Election. 

Although there are constitutional provisions allowing the President to hold a referendum on a matter of national importance, there are conflicting views on whether he could hold a referendum on a matter that is deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

Some advisors to the President have also stated the results of a referendum are not legally binding, and therefore seeking a premature dissolution of Parliament through a dissolution could backfire on the President.

Sources : asianmirror