Secrets of Jackie Chan
2017-Jul-17 | By News Admin

Jackie Chan, born on April 7, 1954 in Central and Western District, Hong Kong, China, is a noted Chinese actor in Kung fu movies. By 2017, the box office takings of the movies that he stared have totaled USD 4 billion worldwide.

Who does Jackie Chan love most?

Jackie Chan had built romantic relationships with several women. His wife is Joan Lin who was a famous actress in Hong Kong and retired from acting after she got married with him. She now is a stay-at-home mom. However, the woman Jackie Chan loves most is Teresa Teng who was the best-known singer in China.

What scares Jackie Chan most?

Jackie Chan is afraid of having injections. He unveiled in an interview that it was incredible and horrible to see a needle inserting into skin.

 Jackie’s first movie

The movie in which Jackie Chan performed for the first time is actually Seven Little Valiant Fighters, also known as Big and Little Wong Tin Bar first released in 1962.

Jackie was sued.

When Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow was released, it was sued by some animals protection society on account of a part in which a cat fought with a snake.

Jackie’s sleep

Jackie Chan got an average of only 2 hours sleep a day in his youth because of intensive filming.

Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee

Jackie Chan used to be a bodyguard of Bruce Lee in Hong Kong.

What is it like in Jackie Chan’s spare time?

According to himself, he is a quiet person. When off work, he will stay in his secret base in Hong Kong, reading, chatting with friends and playing Ping-pong.

What is Jackie Chan’s real name?

His original name is Chen Gangsheng, but his surname actually is Fang. His son uses his real family name.

What did Jackie Chan’s father do?

His father used to be a spy for Kuo Min Tang(KMT), which seems to be a legendary career, and settled down incognito after he fled to Hong Kong.

How wealthy Jackie Chan is?

His personal wealth totals around USD 400 million as he disclosed.

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