Goa Legislator Feels Ashamed Looking At Sunny Leone's Condom Ads, Wants Them Removed From Buses
2017-Aug-02 | By News Admin

This is not the first time, Sunny Leone has been defamed for her work. Whether it was for her past as an adult actress or for featuring in condom ads, people shun her for her projects.

This time too, a Goa legislator on Tuesday demanded a ban on condom advertisements, featuring actress Sunny Leone, on buses operated by the state transport corporation, saying it "shames us".

"These ads should not be displayed. It shames us," Congress MLA from St. Andre Francis Silveira said in the Goa legislative assembly.

Silveira first asked Speaker Pramod Sawant if the word condoms can be used in the state assembly, before going on to say: "What are these ads telling Goans. Students use buses... Goans use the bus."

The ads, featuring the former pornstar, are displayed on the Kadamba transport buses as part of an advertising contract between the contraception company and the corporation.

Sources : indiatimes