Salman Khan: The superstar who lives dangerously
2018-Apr-06 | By News Admin

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, who has been handed a five-year jail term for poaching a rare antelope nearly 20 years ago, is controversy's favourite child.

The actor has often been found on the wrong side of law - besides being found guilty of killing protected animals, he was accused in 2002 of running over five homeless men in Mumbai, killing one of them. He's also been accused of assaulting former girlfriends and generally being misogynistic.

But Khan is also one of India's biggest and most popular film stars.

The 52-year-old actor has starred in nearly 100 Hindi-language films, is known for his romantic roles as well as action films, and has won several prestigious Indian cinema awards.

He is that rare Bollywood star who has a huge fan following across the vast spectrum of Indian society - his fans include the middle-class English-speaking audiences as well as poor slum dwellers for whom the 350-rupee tickets do not come cheap.

His films are released to coincide with major festivals like Eid or Christmas, and are screened in thousands of theatres which are generally packed for days.

Every time Khan romances his heroines on screen, his fans respond with approval. Loud whistles fill the theatre when he shows his dance moves, and resounding claps encourage him whenever he beats up the "baddies".

Sources : news24