Britain's top style queen? Princess Charlotte, aged 2! Toddler is ahead of her mother and every other royal in inspiring copycat looks
2017-Oct-09 | By News Admin
  •     Searches for Princess Charlotte increased 10-fold after her yellow birthday dress
  •     After the young royal wore a Liberty dress in July it got a search an hour on Ebay
  •     A spokesman for the website said she has the biggest spend power of the royals 

As a fashion icon, the two-year-old is a little young for the catwalk.

However, Princess Charlotte, has overtaken her mother – and any other royal – in terms of inspiring copycats.

Searches for Princess Charlotte on eBay increased 10-fold on her second birthday on May 2, which saw the publication of official photos of her wearing a yellow cardigan.

It instantly sold out at John Lewis and look-a-like versions, including carefully created hand-knitted recreations, were soon appearing on eBay.

Similarly, a Liberty print smock dress worn by the young princess on the Royal Tour of Germany in July, saw a six-fold increase in people searching 'Princess Charlotte Dress'.

Online searches for Princess Charlotte (pictured) on eBay increased 10-fold on her second birthday on May 2, which saw the publication of official photos of her wearing a yellow cardigan

At one point the shopping website's British site was receiving one search every hour for the 'Liberty Dress'.

An eBay spokesman said: 'Princess Charlotte has the biggest 'spend power' of the royals this year.

'Her yellow cardigan worn in her birthday picture sparked the biggest percentage increase in searches for an item of clothing worn by any royal.

'There were three searches an hour for the item itself - 'yellow cardigan' - across the whole month, peaking on the day the photo was first released.'

Vice president of trading at eBay, Murray Lambell, (correct) said: 'The Royal Family are hugely popular with British buyers with Her Majesty regularly attracting the attention of shoppers.

'But it's the youngest generation of royals who really generate the must-have fashion items - and driving a new generation of shopping behaviour on eBay.'

The princess's wardrobe is chosen by mother, Kate, who remains hugely important in boosting the sales of British fashion labels, particularly in America, according to eBay.

The young royal has overtaken her mother, the Duchess of Cambridge (pictured) as the most aspired to fashion icon on the web 

Two people in the US search for Kate Middleton every hour, double the figure in the UK. 

And every time, the Duchess of Cambridge makes a major public appearance there is an effect on shopping behaviour in both countries.

Based on the peaks in eBay's search data, her most popular outfit of the year for US women was a semi-sheer cobalt blue Saloni dress worn in April.

Saloni is a London-based brand, founded by India-born Saloni Lodha, and the £550 dress quickly sold out with the result shoppers turned to eBay.

British women favoured the pink Alexander McQueen dress the Duchess wore for the wedding of sister Pippa in May. Six people an hour searched for Kate and the dress on eBay on the big day.

The details have been revealed in eBay's annual survey of the products that were most sought after in the past year.

The results lay bare the power of royalty and celebrity to influence the way people shop.

A spokesman for eBay said: 'The buying power of TV and film is quite extraordinary.'

Surprisingly, the most wanted fashion accessory of the year was not a designer label pair of shoes, hat or bag, but a children's purse.

An Ebay spokesman said the two-year-old (pictured) has the biggest 'spend power' of the royals this year

The small 'Chip' purse sold by Primark was based on a cup character from the Disney film Beauty & the Beast, starring Emma Watson. It inspired more than 37,000 searches as parents tried to keep the little princesses in their lives happy.

Interestingly, the Netflix drama The Crown, starring Claire Foy as the Queen, led to a surge in demand for nostalgic regal outfits and jewellery.

The Netflix effect was also seen in 400per cent boom in searches for retro clothes and themed products linked to the hit sci-fi drama Stranger Things, which was set in the 1980s.

The website also noted strong nostalgia for the 1990s. It said the velvet or jewelled choker topped the list of most wanted jewellery items this year

This was largely driven by so-called insta-fashion, with trends driven by social media images of celebrities like Taylor Swift, Kylie and Kendall Jenner wearing them.

Searches for the yellow summer dress, as worn by Emma Stone, in the hit film La La Land, peaked on January 15, despite the winter chill, some three days after the release date.

Supervillain, Harley Quinn, who was played by Margot Robbie in the Suicide Squad film, proved to be an unlikely role model for both adult women and young girls.

Searches for her outfit of tiny tight shorts, shrunken T-shirt and ripped fishnet tights triggered a staggering 4m searches through the year, making it the number one Halloween and fancy dress choice of the year.

Among other surprising fashion trends, Benedict Cumberbatch's modern day portrayal of Sherlock Holmes provoked a demand for deerstalker hats.

Searches for the detective's hat increased by 300per cent after the season finale was aired by the BBC.

The appeal of unusual hats was also seen with the dark BBC drama Taboo, starring Tom Hardy. 

Searches for his character's top hat peaked on February 26, which was the day of the season finale with both women and men looking to buy. 

The Duchess of Cambridge (pictured) has been a style icon to millions ever since she started dating her now husband Prince William 

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