She Is Everything You Need In Your Life, Can You Guess Who Is She?
2017-Nov-09 | By News Admin

Take a wild guess, I dare you!

Could you guess it yet?

Well, well, well. I'm not talking about your girlfriends or your beau or your X- Box! I'm talking about nothing but the ultimate beauty, the one you can't live without (figuratively and literally), the one who makes your life so much easier, commuting so much fun and travelling, no less than a luxury, the one you can't tolerate to be treated badly! Can you guess it now? 

Yes! It's a CAR. You heard that right!

It's completely understandable when you see a person going crazy over their cars, and why not? It's not just about the money they spent on it, but the finesse, supervision, and responsibility with which it was made just to enhance the user experience and feel. So many people I know, treat cars nothing less than their own children and it's totally adorable and understandable. 

But with so much love, comes the tough task of picking the one you really want to shower your affections on. Well, don't worry my friends, I've brought something today that should make picking your next affair with four wheels a no brainer. 

Read on and you can thank me later! 

The Next Gen Verna 

With over 8.8 Million customers across the globe, the Verna is one of the world's most loved sedans. 

Now, The Next Gen Verna is here to redefine what a modern sedan stands for. How is it different from the older generations of Verna?

It is incredibly refined with expressive styling and impressive dynamics, Hyundai Verna has a remodeled bodywork which has the power to thrill your senses! The features that I'm gonna talk about are going to take your breath away, promise!

Always ready for the future 

The car provides an escape to the future, right now in the present, with its feature packed console. The Next Gen Verna, a private oasis of comfort and relaxation comes equipped with New Technology & Advanced Features that add unmatched ease to your driving comfort! 

It supports you with a Supervision Cluster so that you don't miss out on anything important, a Hands-Free Trunk because you got only two hands, after all, a Fully Automatic Temperature Control so that the weather doesn't ruin your perfect mood, and most importantly a 7.0-inch Touchscreen AVN System with IPS Display. 

Your friends, family or loved ones, you can be sure that a drive in this car will be a treat for everyone.

Super safety for your loved ones

Safety is a standard feature with the Next Gen Verna, thanks to its Super Structure built on 50% advanced high strength steel, 6 airbags and other features which make it as one of the safest cars on road. The Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) prevents skidding and retains car's steer ability on slippery surfaces. It also enables stable braking and restricts wheel lockup during panic braking. 

Its Front Disc Brakes ensure optimum braking efficiency and longer brake life. Quite simply, when it comes to safety, the Verna leaves nothing to chance!

While you take a ride in this beauty 

You have so much to look forward to, explore and experience. The smart electric sunroof lets you enjoy that sunny weather or that earthly petrichor, a rear curtain for the times when you want to take a quick nap during long cruises, front ventilated seats so that the driver drives in comfort and so does the passenger next to you, seat height adjuster for all your little ones and the huge ones too, rear seat adjustable headrest so that no one will ever lame the car for any discomfort.

Dynamic Performance, just like yours!

Experience the exciting blend of power and efficiency, ride and handling, response and quietness, plus optimized aerodynamic performance. All in one Next Gen Verna, with the 6-speed Automatic Transmission, it gives you the driving confidence with intricate attention given to the refined gear for seamless operation and a smoother ride. And the 6-speed Manual Transmission allows more smooth gear transitions and quietness.


The calm simplicity of the dashboard and cabin creates a perceptible feeling of elegance, quality, and space. It's more than just a feeling– the Next Gen Verna is harmoniously combined using high-quality material to give a sophisticated appeal. 

Go ahead and flaunt your Hyundai Verna today!

After all, smart people deserve smart rides. What say?

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