Samsung mobile phone: Case against 'fake advertising'
2019-Jul-08 | By News Admin

Australian consumer commission says over 300 commercials watched by Samsung before filing

The Australian Consumer Commission in Australia has filed a lawsuit against Samsung for misleading consumers by claiming that their company's mobile phones contain water-resistant components.

The Australian Consumer Commission has accused Samsung of advertising "fake" information to show that mobile phones could be used for swimming and water skiing activities.

The Australian Consumer Commission said it had seen more than 300 ads by Samsung before the lawsuit was filed.

However, Samsung has told Reuters that its company will continue to defend the complainant for the accuracy of its advertisements.

Intense inquiries

In a statement, the Australian Consumer Commission said in a statement that Samsung's mobile phones are being hampered by exposure to seawater and bathing pools.

According to the International Safety Measurement of Technology Devices, Samsung's phones are referred to as International Protective Marking (IP68), but the measure does not include salt water or bath water, according to the Australian Consumer Commission.

According to the Australian Consumer Commission, Samsung's website states that the Galaxy S10 cannot be used on the beach or in the pool.

Samsung has not checked the durability of its mobile phones to the level it shows in the ad, the commission said.

"In order to attract the consumer, the advertisements show the use of Galaxy phones in places where mobile phones should not be used," said the Australian Consumer Commission.

However, if Samsung is found to be misleading consumers, they will have to pay a heavy price.

Sources : BBC News