Avukana temple: Increased lightning due to protective covering
2017-Nov-01 | By News Admin

The chief priest of the Avukana Rajamaha Vihara stated that the protective covering built at the Avukana temple premises in 2015 that has a metal roof has caused constant lightning strikes around the Rajamaha Viharaya in the recent past. 

Ven.Dhammakiththa thero stated that due to the prevalent thunderstorms in Sri Lanka, the lightning strikes in the area have increased and are hazardous to residents of the area.

He stated that the President and relevant Ministers were informed of this issue, and that they are yet to respond to the complaints that were lodged. 

Ven.Dhammakiththa thero stated that the relevant Minister should be held responsible should lightning strike and damage the Avukana Buddha statue. 

Sources : Ada Derana