IOC denies ownership of vessel anchored off Trincomalee Harbor
2017-Nov-07 | By News Admin

Managing Director of Lanka IOC PLC Shyam Bohra said that they alone cannot take the responsibility over the oil shortage as Lanka IOC PLC owns only 16% of market shares.

“We only have 16% of market share. Our stocks are sufficient to meet our requirements. And we are releasing small quantities from Trincomalee every day,” 

“We brought a ship from Total Company on the second week of October on delivery basis. The oil was tested in CEYPETCO labs. However the sample was rejected as there were visible impurities in the products. And the parcel of oil was sent back to Total Company,” Shyam Bohra said.

The Managing Director said that with the rejection of the samples all activities were paused and the ship anchored at Trincomalee harbor does not belong to them.

While refuting allegations made against them, he added that Lanka IOC will be taking legal actions against Total Company.

Sources : news24