CEYPETCO bans bulk sales of red Kerosene oil
2018-Jan-22 | By News Admin

The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CEYPETCO) banned bulk sales of Lanka Kerosene oil (Red colour) since some users of industrial Kerosene oil are exploiting the facility, announced the Petroleum Ministry. 

CEYPETCO Chairman Dammika Ranatunga issued a circular today, under the number 987 to all Kerosene oil distributors, according to Ministry of Petroleum Resources Development.

There are two kinds of kerosene oil available in the market.

The red color Lanka Kerosene oil is issued to low income community and fishing community as a government concession. 

However, it has been revealed that the consumption of Lanka kerosene oil has increased in comparison to the sale of kerosene in the final  quarter of 2017, the Ministry said.

The issuance of kerosene oil to commercial and industrial factories by certain filling stations with the aim of gaining high profits, usage of kerosene to buses and bowsers and selling kerosene oil mixed with diesel have been identified as the main reasons for the increase in consumption, said the Ministry.

However, the CEYPETCO emphasized that such acts are unlawful and the distributorship of such will be ceased.

Sources : Ada Derana