Tour Guides Association And Police Conduct Random Check-ups To Identify Unlicensed Tour Guides In Several Sites
2018-May-08 | By News Admin

The Tour Guides Association of Sri Lanka yesterday conducted random check-ups in Sigiriya, Dambulla and several other sites yesterday, to ascertain whether all tour guides in the area had valid licenses. 

The initiative was carried out in collaboration with the Police. 

According to the Tourism Act, all tourist guides in Sri Lanka has to be registered with the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA), the apex body of Sri Lanka tourism.

Commenting on the initiative, a member of the Tour Guides Association said it was important that all guides operating in key tourist destinations obtain valid license. 

He also added that many issues faced by tourists in Sri Lanka could be avoided with a proper regulation and enforcement process. 

"We, as a representative body of tour guides, have to clean up our own backyard. That's why we commenced this initiative. This will be carried out in the coming weeks as well," he added. 

Sources : asianmirror