BTF Urges UK And UNHRC To Pressurize Sri Lankan Government To Vacate Private Properties In North
2018-Jul-24 | By News Admin

British Tamil Forum, a Tamil diaspora organisation, quoting the latest figures released by an investigative journalist Logathayalan, from Sri Lanka, said the intensity of military occupation in Jaffna district by the Sri Lankan military, Naval, Airforce and Police personnel is still high. 

The BTF presented following statistics to prove its case.

CAMPS                      NUMBER

NAVY                              93

ARMY                             54

AIRFORCE                     1

POLICE STATION           30

TOTAL                            178
"Number of Secret camps established throughout the north and east cannot be confirmed," the BTF said it a statement.

It also added, "Still the security forces occupy 4,507 acres of private land in an area of only 1,025 km² in Jaffna district. These security installations prevent Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) of 9,564 families totalling 33,286 people to be resettled and access to livelihood opportunities.

Despite numerous promises made to the international community, Sri Lankan government has not reduced its military presence in the North East and it continues to occupy private property. Current president Mr. Maithiripala promised the electorate that he will vacate all private lands within a year of coming into power.  

BTF calls upon the UK government and the UNHRC to immediately request the Sri Lankan government to vacate private properties and resettle the IDP’s in their own land. It is almost 10 years since the end of the war, Sri Lankan military is continuing its war on Tamils, by occupying their private lands and denying them access to their economic livelihoods.

It is regrettable that the international community pays no attention to the plight of the war affected Tamils in the North and East of Sri Lanka."

Sources : asianmirror