Namal's Ford Mustang Handed Over To Original Owner After Two Years: No Progress In Investigations And No Arrests Made
2018-Oct-15 | By News Admin

The Ford Mustang car,  taken into custody by the Police FCID alleging it belonged to Parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa, was handed over to its original owner today. 

It was proven that the car was initially imported on Namal Rajapaksa's permit, but was later sold to Mrs. Shanthini Silva who bought the vehicle for her son. 

Although the FCID held the vehicle for two years, no arrest was made nor was it able to find any misappropriation involving the car. 

Premanath Dolawatte, the lawyer representing Harshana Silva, said his client was subject to severe mental harassment by the FCID during the course of the investigation. 

"Not only his family members, but his relatives and friends too were questioned about the car, " he said. 

"The car was first taken into custody saying it was Namal Rajapaksa's Lamborgini. We told them to was not a Lamborgini, but a Ford Mustang. The FCID could not distinguish a Mustang from a Lanborgini, " the lawyer said. 

Sources : asianmirror