Kurunegala Hospital receives 51 complaints on C-sections performed by Dr. Shafi
2019-May-28 | By News Admin

Fifty-one women have lodged complaints at the Kurunegala Teaching Hospital as of today (27), stating that they have been unable conceive after getting their caesarean sections performed by Dr. Mohamed Shafi.

MP Venerable Athuraliye Rathana Thero had arrived at the hospital premises to discuss the incident with the Director of Kurunegala Teaching Hospital and subsequently spoke to the women who had lodged complaints against Dr. Shafi.

Meanwhile, the associations of medical officers and nurses at the Kurunegala Teaching Hospital stated that the Health Ministry is pressurizing the hospital over the investigations into the activities of Dr. Mohamed Shafi.

Dr. Mohamed Shafi, attached to the gynaecology and obstetrics section of Kurunegala Teaching Hospital, was arrested on May 24th for allegedly amassing wealth in a suspicious manner. He is being interrogated at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

However, a strong public discourse about the surgeon in question had emerged owing to certain rumours concerning him.

Meanwhile, a woman residing in Mawanella area had filed a complaint regarding the surgeon in question at the Dambulla Police.

The woman stated that her first caesarean section was performed by Dr. Mohamed Shafi back in 2013 when he was still serving at the Dambulla
Hospital and that she had been unable to conceive ever since.

Dambulla Police stated that this complaint will be directed to the CID for further investigations.

Sources : adaderana