STF busts Facebook party involving drugs; 51 arrested
2019-Jun-17 | By News Admin

Fifty-one persons, who were in possession of narcotic drugs and pills, have been arrested during a Facebook party in Balangoda, stated the Special Task Force.

The party was held at a reception hall at Belihul Oya in Balangoda.

The STF officers had made the arrests at around 4.30 p.m. last evening (16) following a tip-off given by the Excise Office in Ratnapura.

20 Pregabalin pills, 3 Apple pills, 160mg of Heroin, 300mg of Cocaine, 50mg of Crystal Methamphetamine commonly known as ‘Ice’ and 150g of Cannabis have been seized in the raid.

The STF officers have handed over the arrestees to the Ratnapura Excise Office.

Sources : adaderana