Galle shooting: "Don't hire people like this."
2019-Jul-08 | By News Admin

"My husband served in the Navy for 12 years. He was not a man who didn't know the law. He didn't come to school like a terrorist with poles and clubs. "Why is God giving guns to people like this?" Ayesha Manjuli wakes up to her dead husband.

Kaluthotage Udaya Pradeep Kumara, a resident of Pillana, Galle, is a father of three.

He represented Ayesha Manjuli, who volunteered there, representing the Navy Band for over 15 years.

Udaya Pradeep Kumara, who retired from the Navy, has been working for the family economy by forming a band.

Manjuli says she too left the Navy a few years ago and is now working in a private company.

All three of their children are studying at the Janavila Upananda National School, Galle.

On Thursday (July 4), their eldest daughter received a phone call from the school stating that she was ill.

Manjuli says that her husband sent her to school that day to take the children as she had gone to work.

"At that time, my daughter had spoken at school that my daughter was sick. The husband had gone and brought her daughter first. She thought it would be best to bring the other child as well. That is why she had gone to school."

About 9,000 soldiers have been deployed to guard schools in the island following the Easter Sunday attacks. The National Gemunu Vidyalaya also had a private soldier on duty.

She says her husband has tried to inform the school administration about the soldier not doing his job.

"My husband had informed the Primary Office about this as he was not visible when he arrived at the school. The soldier who had come from elsewhere had demanded that he do not complain about it. He was shot in the fall, ”Manjula told BBC Sinhala Service.

Pradeep has been admitted to Karapitiya Teaching Hospital with serious injuries to his stomach.

However, the police and the army have a different viewpoint.

The allegations are that the army soldier who had been deploying the security guard had interrupted when the deceased had forcibly opened the school gate.

Initial investigations revealed that the shooting had taken place after a heated argument erupted between the two men.

The police said that the shooting took place when an Army soldier tried to grab a firearm from his hand.

But Pradeep's wife denies all these allegations.

"My husband is not a terrorist. My husband does not want to grab a firearm and shoot that man. Everyone who listens to this story understands that this is a lie. How can such unsupported soldiers protect their children? My husband is a father to my children. The youngest child asks why Dad doesn't speak. Towards destroyed. The people want to see the level of mental mistakes with the army. "

Army's response

Army Media Spokesperson Brigadier Sumith Atapattu told BBC Sinhala Service that the Army Police have commenced an investigation into the incident on the orders of the Army Commander.

He said that such incidents would not be repeated.

Responding to the allegations leveled by the deceased's wife, the Army spokesman said: "I am not cleaning up our soldier. But it is clear that the investigation is still underway. It is difficult to say what is wrong with this incident. Soldiers are on the lookout for security as best they can It has already been the victim of rape any need to investigate, "said told the BBC Sinhala service.

Brigadier Sumith Atapattu said that security forces are working hard to protect the schools in the island following the Easter Sunday attacks.

According to him, more than three thousand soldiers have been deployed in the Western Province alone to protect the schools.

The military spokesman said that parents have been reluctant to send their children to school because of their confidence in the security forces.

The Army Spokesperson further stated that at times the parents were unnecessarily disturbed during the past few days and their officers have taken great care to control the issues.

"We are not dealing with problems in any way. A soldier is a good disciplinarian. I mean, come to a decision that this investigation should be over. We may be accused, but there is a loss of life here ?k?a?a will. "

Detention order for the suspect soldier

Meanwhile, a soldier arrested on suspicion of shooting was produced before the Galle Magistrate's Court on Friday (July 05).

The Additional Magistrate of Galle ordered the Bossa 581 Brigade to be handed over to the Commander of the Army until legal advice was received.

Sources : BBC News