Treasury Bond issue: Perpetual Capital Holdings ordered to disclose its purchases from Jan.1, 2015 to date
2017-Jul-31 | By News Admin

The Presidential Commission inquiring into the Treasury Bond issue has ordered Perpetual Capital Holdings Limited to disclose information on all the purchases it has done from January 1, 2015 up to date. Accordingly, the Perpetual Capital Holdings Limited is to furnish information on purchases, dates of transactions and costs on or before August 2, 2017.

They are to provide the requested information in form of an affidavit.

The Commission has sent the letter of request under Section 7 of the PCoI Act, on July 21,2017.

The letter has been directed to the Chief Executive Officer of the Perpetual Capital Holdings Limited by the Secretary to the Treasury Bond Commission.

Commissioner P.S. Jayawardena, reading out from the said letter,said the Commission would like to find out how purchases including W.M.Mendis & Co.Ltd, Voice of Asia Network associated with the Siyatha TV network, Integrated media network private limited, Janayugaya News paper and any other in the given time period, were done.

Commissioner Justice P.S.Jayawardena pointed out that the requested information is required by the Commission because part of Commission’s mandate is to find out what happened to the Treasury Bonds purchased on February 27,2015 at the Primary market.

Accordingly,Justice Jayawardena said the Commission will have to look into the secondary market transactions relevant to the questioned transactions and find out “where the money went.”

Counsel for Perpetual Treasuries Limited Nihal Fernando PC said he will comply with the letter and provide details with regards to his company only.

Meanwhile, President’s Counsel Kalinga Indratissa who represented Arjun Aloysius of the Perpetual Treasuries Limited informed the Commission that he will no longer be representing the his client. Instead, Indratissa PC said he will be representing Perpetual Capital Holdings Limited from that day (28) onwards.

Indratissa PC said he will provide information on behalf of the Perpetual Capital Holdings Limited. Perpetual Capital Holdings Limited is the holding company of Perpetual Treasuries Limited. 

Sources : dailynews