Attempt to tarnish my image: Ravi
2017-Aug-03 | By News Admin

The panel of the Attorney General’s Department assisting the Treasury Bond Commission is attempting to tarnish my political image, Minister Ravi Karunanayake said yesterday.

“They are looking to get promotions by doing this, Minister Karunanayake alleged. Karunanayake also said that “we were constantly harassed when we were in the opposition and now also we are being harassed, even when we are in government.”

Minister Karunanayake said he can “accept the piercing of an arrow from an enemy but not a pin pricking from a friend, which is much more hurtful.”

He also said an investigation on a government related matter was possible because of the good-governance policy carried out by the present government.

“Had this happen in the previous regime, it would have been a case of ‘white-vans’” he said.

He was briefing media after giving evidence at the Treasury Bond Commission yesterday.

Minister Ravi Karunanayake was extensively questioned by the Attorney General at the Commission regarding a letter Karunanayake has issued to former Governor Mahendran and about a penthouse rented by Arjun Aloysius on behalf of him.

Sources : dailynews