Supplementary estimate of Rs. 70.5 million submitted to Parliament
2017-Aug-08 | By News Admin

The Government today presented a supplementary estimate to Parliament seeking its approval for total of approximately Rs. 70 .5 million to meet the travel expenses of few ministries incurred during the month of June.

As per the estimate, the Foreign Affairs Ministry has spent Rs. 28.8 million, City Planning Ministry a sum of Rs. 1.2 million, Sports Ministry Rs. 1.4 million and Power and Energy Ministry Rs. 1 million.

The Army had spent Rs. 20 million while Navy Rs. 10 million for the same. National Co existence and Languages Ministry has spent Rs. 3.09million as per the estimate.

The government also sought the approval of the House for the payment of Rs. 283.1 million as the royalty fee for dredging sea sand for the Port City Development project and Rs. 2.041million for the setting up of a digital multimedia crime investigation centre.

Further approval was sought to spend Rs 250.5 million to set up a national cyber security unit.

However Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) Parliamentarian Bimal Rathnayake pointed out that the supplementary estimate included a sum of Rs 30 million for the Agriculture Ministry for its furniture.

He said it was highly questionable as another sum of Rs 40 million was allocated for the same ministry recently and Rs 24.5 million is paid monthly as for its rent.

He added that the Minister or the Finance Minister should make a statement on the matter.

At this occasion Agriculture State Minister Wasantha Aluvihare said he would bring this matter into the notice of Agriculture Minister.

  Sources : dailynews