Shiranthi and Yoshitha before CID tomorrow
2017-Aug-14 | By News Admin

Former First Lady Shiranthi Rajapaksa and her second son Yoshitha Rajapaksa will appear before the CID tomorrow.

CID sources speaking to Daily News said they have been summoned with regard to a jeep owned by the Siriliya Saviya Foundation.

The jeep was donated to the Foundation by the Red Cross.

Summons had been previously sent to the two members of the Rajapaksa family on 27-28 July but both failed to show up citing various health reasons.

It has been reported that the jeep in question had been used in the abduction and murder of rugby player, Wasim Thajudeen in 2007.

Questioning now has been directed to find out whether Shiranthi Rajapaksa knew of the incident and whether Yoshitha had used the jeep on that fateful night.

Thajudeen who met with a deadly car crash was first deemed to have been an accident but was later proven to have been tortured and murdered.

Sources : dailynews