Was Thusitha Halloluwa Resignation A Hoax?: Evidence Indicates He Was Removed By Agriculture Minister Duminda Dissanayake
2017-Sep-27 | By News Admin

Chairman of Colombo Commercial Fertilizer Limited Thusitha Halloluwa on September 25th made public his resignation citing inability to work with subject Minister Duminda Dissanayake.

Halloluwa said constant meddling by Halloluwa got in his way and cited a monstrous breakfast bill he was asked to pay as reason for his resignation.

However, evidence has surfaced that indicates Halloluwa was removed from his post a month before and a new Chairman appointed in his stead.

A letter dated August 8, 2015 signed by the Agriculture Minister indicates that Halloluwa was removed from his position and a new Chairman appointed.

The evidence that has surfaced indicates that Halloluwa’s public resignation was a hoax and that he was removed from his post by the Agriculture Minister.

Sources : asianmirror