Ranil Tells UNP MPs Not To Get Distracted By SLFP-JO Talks: Says The Discussion Is Purely 'Internal Business'
2017-Nov-27 | By News Admin

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe had told UNP MPs not to get distracted by the ongoing discussions between the Sri Lanka Freedom Party and the Joint Opposition. 

Wickremesinghe had said the discussion was an internal matter within the SLFP camp and the UNP had nothing to do with it. 
"We had a discussion with the PM upon his return to the island and he said it was not our business," a UNP Parliamentarian, who spoke to Asian Mirror under the condition of anonymity, said. 
"He asked us to proceed with our work as usual and organise the party for the Local Government election," he said. 
"The UNP always has the ability to form a government on its won as he only need the support of 07 MPs. We are confident that the TNA will support us, when necessary. At the same time, several SLFP MPs, who are not too satisfied with the ongoing dialogue, have expressed willingness to join the UNP. Therefore, the discussions between the SLFP and the JO will not affect the UNP," the MP explained. 
He said the majority of UNP MPs were of the view that the SLFP should pull out of the unity government if they want to contest the Local Government election with the Rajapaksa group.
"The unity government was formed against the Rajapaksa rule and if they want to reunite with the Rajapaksa, they do not have an ethical right to remain in the government," the Parliamentarian added. 

Sources : asianmirror