Joint Opposition In Fresh Trouble: Actress Says Party Bigwigs Asked For Sexual Bribes To Consider For Nomination
2017-Dec-21 | By News Admin

The Joint Opposition and the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna, led by former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, is now at the centre of a fresh controversy over sexual bribes allegations. 

Madusha Ramasinghe, an actress who sought nomination from the Podujana Peramuna, alleged that some stalwarts of the party asked for sexual bribes from her room consider for nominations. 

Ramasinghe held a protest in front of the Elections Department yesterday urging the Chairman of the Elections Commissions to intervene in the matter and prevent political parties from asking for sexual bribes from female candidates. 

The actress said a secretary who had close links to the former President and a few others asked for sexual bribes and she was denied nominations after she turned down such requests.

She went on to claim that one person asked her to pose for nude photographs if she wanted nomination.

She said she informed former President Rajapaksa of the matter but no action was taken on those who were involved in it. 

Ramasinghe also pointed out that whole ensuring 25% quota for female candidates, the government should take measures to prevent such harrasment to women entering the political domain. 

The actress previously projected herself as a supporter of the unity government but later pledged support to former President Rajapaksa. At one point, she publicly claimed that SLFP General Secretary Minister Duminda Dissanayake was her ex-boyfriend. 

Sources : asianmirror