Hakeem And Digambaram Too Demand STF Security After President's Decision To Give VVIP Security Mano Ganesan: Fresh Issues In Making
2017-Dec-28 | By News Admin

Ministers Rauff Hakeem and P. Digambaram have also requested the Police Special Task Force (STF) security after President Maithripala Sirisena ordered the Police Chief to give VVIP security to Democratic People's Front Leader Mano Ganesan, Asian Mirror learns. 

Informed government sources said the President's decision was aimed at drawing Ganesan's support to the SLFP campaign for the Colombo Municipal Council election. 

This came following a minor disagreement between the UNP and Ganesan over Colombo district's nominations. 

As a result of this move, Hakeem and Digambaram, two minority party leaders representing the government, have demanded security from the STF saying they too wanted to be treated in the same way as Ganesan. 

They had pointed out that the government should not give special treatment to one minority party leaders over others. 

Following this development, it is now learnt that the government is considering to provide STF security to both Hakeem and Digambaram until the end of the Local Government election. 

Sources : asianmirror