Ravi K Ready To Make Another Statement In Parliament Over Bond Fiasco
2018-Jan-24 | By News Admin

Former Finance Minister Ravi karunanayake will make another statement in Parliament on the Treasury bonds fiasco, informed government sources said. 

Karunanayake comes in the wake of the Presidential Commission recommending legal action against Karunanayake over charges of bribery and money laundering. 

Karunanayake made a statement in Parliament last year on the same matter, before he stepped down from his ministerial portfolio. 

The former Finance Minister was first linked to the bond fiasco with the revelation that Karunanayake and his family leased out a penthouse at Monarch Residencies for eight months with the monthly lease rental Rs.1.45 million being paid by Arjun Aloysius.

It was also Karunanayake had asked state banks to bid at lower rates at two bond auctions with the assurance that other bids at higher rates would not be accepted.

Sources : asianmirror