Survey Suggests UNP Leading Colombo Election with Comfortable Margin: 28% Yet To Decide On Their Votes
2018-Jan-29 | By News Admin

A survey conducted by an independent research group on the Colombo Municipal Council election has suggested that the UNP is currently leading the electoral race with a comfortable margin.

The study has been commissioned by a main political party to formulate their campaign strategy internally. Asian Mirror is in possession of its forecast on the current status of each party contesting the Local Government election. 

According to the survey, the UNP is leading the election with 35% claiming they will vote for the party. The Sri Lanka Podujana Party (SLPP) is currently ranked second with 22%. 

The SLFP, contesting the election under the UPFA coalition, has only managed to secure a paltry 6% while the JVP has received only 1%. 

However, a significant observation made by the survey is the large number of 'undecided voters'. Although the LG election is only two weeks ago, 28% who took part in the study had said they were yet to decide on their vote. 

This leaves an opening for any party to launch a high-impact election campaign in the next two months and draw the support of the 'undecided voters'. 

Sources : asianmirror