Rosy Becomes First Mayoress Of Colombo As UNP Secures Resounding Victory In Colombo Municipal Council
2018-Feb-12 | By News Admin

Former MP Rosy Senanayake has become the first Mayoress in Colombo as the UNP has secured an easy victory in the Colombo Municipal Council.

The UNP has received 131353 votes in the Colombo MC area with 60 seats. 

The Sri Lanka Podujana Peramua has come second with 60097 votes and 23 seats. 

The UPFA has received only 31421 votes with 12 seats while the JVP has managed to get 14234 votes with 06 seats. 

Therefore, the UNP has secured victory in the CMC with a resounding margin, elevating Senanayake to the post of Mayor of Colombo.

Sources : asianmirror