PM Orders Inquiry Into Ampara Incident: Strict Action To Be Taken Against Those Who Instigated Racial Violence
2018-Mar-05 | By News Admin

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, in his capacity as the Law and Order Minister, has ordered another inquiry into the recent attacks on Muslim establishments in Ampara.

The order comes as complaints of Police inaction have surfaced in the aftermath of the incident.

The Ministry of Law and Order, in a statement said, complaints have been received stating that there were evidence to suggest shortcomings when enforcing law and order in connection with the recent unfortunate incident in Ampara.

The Ministry said that complaints have also been made that the B Report submitted to the Court on the incident by the Police is incomplete.

The Law and order Ministry has instructed the Batticaloa DIG to conduct a complete investigation into the incident.

The Ministry states the Government will take measures to conduct an impartial and fair inquiry and also to build up public trust.

Measures have been taken to compensate the affected parties for those whose properties were damaged during the attacks. Plans have been made to pay compensation soon to renovate shops and mosques damaged in the incident.

The Ministry also thanked the Maha Sanga and the Muslim clergy, who acted with responsibility to ensure peace during the period of tension, for their contribution to carry out the investigations.

The Ministry said that strict action will be taken against the perpetrators who instigated racial violence. (GID)

Sources : asianmirror