'I HAVE A SPOILT VAGINA' Marnie Simpson says.......
2017-Jun-20 | By News Admin

'I HAVE A SPOILT VAGINA' Marnie Simpson says she ‘wishes she didn’t have a vagina’ as she tells all about her ‘sensitive’ nether regions
Geordie Shore star, 25, continues to shock with latest X-rated revelation just days after leaving the Big Brother house

FRESH out of the Big Brother house and Marnie Simpson continues to shock with her latest X-rated revelation.

The Geordie Shore beauty claims she has “fussy fanny” that even prevents her from enjoying a bubble bath.

Marnie Simpson, 25, has made another shocking confession
Speaking to Star Magazine about her private parts, Marnie revealed: “It’s causing me so many problems – I sometimes wish I didn’t have one!

“Trust me to have a spoilt vagina!”

Marnie, 25, went on to explain just how sensitive her vagina is and proved she really has no filter when talking to the press.

Marnie revealed: “I can’t even use bubble bath because my fanny doesn’t like it and I get really sore.”

The reality star veteran recently appeared on Big Brother alongside fellow celebs Gemma Collins and Nicola McLean.

Marnie Simpson, Nicola McLean and Gemma Collins entered the house last week as part of the shopping task
During her latest Big Brother stint, Marnie opened up about her relationship with Lewis Bloor and her reaction to his cheating.

“I watched the video of him cheating on us,” Marnie told Gemma Collins (Lewis’ former Towie co-star) and Nicola McLean.

Lewis Bloor and Marnie Simpson started a relationship after meeting on Celebrity Big Brother – but it didn’t last long
“’Cause I got tagged in this video and he was in the bed with her and she was on top of him but the quilt was over them and they were, like, kissing,” she explained.

“It looked like they were having sex but I wasn’t sure so I messenged her,” she said.

Nicola then asked who would have made the incriminating video, and Marnie replied: “Her friend. She must’ve been standing at the other side of the room.”

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