Celebrities Who Secretly Smoke
2017-Jun-30 | By News Admin

Smoking is horrible for your health. Everyone knows this by now and yet a large amount of people are still picking up the habit. Hey, it’s a hard addiction to battle with. A number of your favorite celebrities, despite the stigma, are smokers too. Here are just a few celebs who need to think about picking up a nicotine patch:


This Grammy award winning favorite has a very distinctive, smoky voice. Turns out, her voice is literally smoky. Adele has openly admitted to being a smoker. We can’t really complain but we hope she doesn’t eventually sound like ET.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt may not be a frequent smoker but nevertheless, he sucks on the old cancer stick from time to time. He’s been trying to quit, at least according to now-wife Angelina Jolie but has been caught smoking from time to time.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry has openly admitted in interviews that she’s an avowed smoker, although she admits it’s not the best habit. She’s been smoking for almost a decade. After her divorce to Russell Brand, her habit simply got worse.
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