Love Island's Jessica Shears and Mike Thalassitis continue to deny steamy romp rumours in a VERY awkward interview... as unconvinced fans call for a 'lie detector test'
2017-Jul-04 | By News Admin

They've been denying hook-up rumours since departing the Love Island villa
And Jessica Shears and Mike Thalassitis continued to squash any hear'say regarding the matter as they appeared on ITV's This Morning on Monday alongside hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield. 
Jess - who was romanced by the newly booted Dom Lever during her time on the show - watched as Mike awkwardly laughed after Phillip got straight to the point to ask if they had sex - prompting unconvinced fans of the ITV show to call for a 'lie detector test.'

Viewers of the summer smash hit show have been dying to know if the two have hooked up after leaving the villa - in particular Dom, whose time on the show had been tainted after hearing about their rumoured romp. 
'Did you sleep together? Say honestly,' Phillip demanded from the two reality stars who nervously giggled in response. 

Taking the lead, Jess - who put on extremely busty display upon arriving to the studio - confirmed: 'No, we didn’t sleep together. Honest!'
Mike cemented what she had to say - but couldn't wipe the smile from his face - which he was called out for by Holly and Phil. 

Despite continuously denying rumours of a reported romp, viewers at home didn't seem convinced as they flocked to Twitter with the following tweets: 
'Jess and Mike I'm sorry right but Jess and Mike Defo shagged its so obvious lmao.'
'I'm thinking someone needs to get a lie detector test for jess and mike coz I still think they been doing the dirty don't come at me.'
'Someone get jess and mike a lie detector. I smell bullshit #ThisMorning.'
'Do they really expect Jess and Mike to go on national TV and be like 'yeah we slept together' ?? ......'
'It's so obvious that jess & mike slept together and probably still are. But have made a pact to keep quiet about it! #ThisMorning.'

'Never seen a more shifty couple than Jess and Mike from Love Island on @thismorning.'
'I really want to believe Mike and Jess just for the sake of Dom because he is so so sweet but they looked so fidgety ugh #ThisMorning.'
Addressing the rumours of their romance furthermore, Jess analysed: 'I think it might be when people saw us at the airport together and they were asking about villa. We’ve been coming out together and been together for two days and then suddenly – together turned into "together." ' 

'One thing can just get blown up. Because of the frenzy around the show suddenly being friends becomes a story.' 
Meanwhile, Holly was quick to ask if Jess had been in touch with Dom after he was dumped from the villa on Sunday night, to which she replied: 'No, I haven’t spoken to Dom. I don't have his number yet. 
'Perhaps he’ll slide in my DMs? He's such a sweetie, bless him. We got along so well. We had such a strong connection in a short time. He gave me faith in guys after that,' she continued to gush about him.
Holly also quizzed Jess over Dom stating if things continued to be as great as they were on the outside, as they were on the inside, he may propose.
'Let’s not jump the gun guys!' Jess joked, before continuing seriously: 'I adore the boy, can’t wait to see him.'
Mike also gave him two cents about the potential proposal: 'I definitely don’t think he’ll make a mistake (If Dom wants to propose).'

'A lot of guys would want to propose to he. I never shyed away from admitting that I think shes stunning but she had a connection with Dom in there.' 
Jess' saucy antics with Dom inside the villa was also discussed, to which Jess responded: 'I didn’t even decide to have sex, it just happened. The hideaway just feels like you’re at home. It was a spur of the moment thing.'
Talking about her family watching the raunchy dating series, Jess giggled: 'My Nan was like "apart from that night, I thought you were quite were boring."'

Meanwhile, after his elimination on Sunday Dom admitted that if the rumours of their late-night romp turned out to be true, he would swiftly call off their romance.
He had been left devastated when reports his love interest Jess and co-star Mike had enjoyed a late-night tryst at their hotel, immediately after they were dumped from the island.
Both parties have since denied that a romp took place, but Dom explained in a press conference after the show that he was keen to establish the facts with the brunette, before deciding whether to continue their romance. 

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