When Shah Rukh Khan's daughter Suhana Khan gets scared of Media!!
2017-Jul-14 | By News Admin

We as commoners have always been interested in celebrity lives and to bring to us every gossip of the celeb world, the paparazzi can stoop down to any level. Recently daughter of Shah Rukh Khan Suhana was out attending an event when the 17-year-old became the paparazzi's latest prey. Suhana found herself at the cusp of the media attention. Suhana Khan tried her best to dodge the media attention but the shutterbugs refused to get daunted by her discomfort.

The recent video which surfaced in the social media shows Suhana being followed by the media lenses and besides pulling off an agitated facial expression, they kept on clicking her. The star daughter looked helpless with the continuous chase and her endless efforts to escape the media attention went in vain. The video also shows Suhana waiting for the doors of the elevator to open and how the cameramen went clickety-click while she waited.
The media attention which at some point of time used to be limited to the stars has today grabbed their kid into their radar. Time and again actors have come out clear about where the media has to draw a line.

This is not the first time Suhana Khan has been the eye of unwanted media attention. Previously too SRK was angered by sleazy headlines a famous news agency carried about his daughter's images. Time and again star kids had to pay the price of their parent's success. It is time we realise that star kids are like one of us and spare them the unwanted hype and attention.


Sources : financialexpress / dailymotion