We Can't Tell About Marriage But Salman Is Having Kids In The Next Two-Three Years For Sure
2017-Aug-01 | By News Admin

The million dollar question that has bothered the entire entertainment industry for the longest time, and continues to do so—when will India’s most eligible bachelor Salman Khan get married—seemingly has no answer.

He is 51 years old, and rumours are at its peak that he is dating Romanian beauty Iulia Vantur. While Salman has never confessed about the same, former Romanian TV host has often been spotted at his house and with his family sparking the speculations of their relationship.

So, is marriage on cards for Salman Khan? While the Dabangg Khan has always dodged the question with his witty replies, the dining table discussions of his fans still revolve around this frequently asked question.

We don’t know if Salman Khan will ever get married or not, or that if he has any plans of tying the knot in the near future, we, for sure, know that he is, for sure, going to have kids in next two-three years.

“No I don’t feel that time is running out… but I am sure when I am 70 and my child is about 20, then I’d feel it. The only reasons I’d want to have a child right now or in the near future, say in two or three years, is because I’d want mom and dad to see my child," Filmfare Magazine quoted the actor as saying. 

All you Bhai fans out there, it’s time to rejoice this piece of news. Now that Salman has confessed to having kids in a few years, he might also get married soon. After all, rumours also suggest that he has got an ultimatum from father Salim Khan to get hitched soon. Time to celebrate?

Sources : indiatimes