11 Times Olenna Tyrell Proved That She Is The Queen Of Swag & Badassery With Her Sharp Tongue!
2017-Aug-03 | By News Admin

With three episodes already out, the latest season of Game Of Thrones is turning out to be explosive with a capital T. Now, that the end is near, things are happening at a rapidly fast pace. There’s no room for story build-up or new characters per say. GoT fanatics are busy anticipating the end of many characters. The third episode The Queen’s Justice which was aired a couple of days back left everyone in good spirits despite the death of a very important character – Lady Olenna Tyrell.
One of the most spirited characters of the realm, Olenna won our hearts from the minute she was introduced in the series. The matriarch of Highgarden not only oozed class and sophistication but even her witty jibes were thoroughly enjoyed by the viewers. Last season, we saw her form an alliance with the mother of dragons, Daenerys Stormborn. After Yara Greyjoy’s great fall, most of us were expecting House Lannister to conquer Highgarden. And they actually did! However, what caught us by surprise is the way the makers wrote the end of Olenna Tyrell. The lady who portrayed immense wisdom and delivered some kick-ass dialogues tried to make an impact even while dying. Even though it fell on deaf ears (read: Jamie Lannister), the viewers couldn’t help but gush about her swag.
Now that the badass woman is no more on the show, here’s taking a look at some of the coolest dialogues of Olenna Tyrell which made her the ultimate Queen of Swag and Badassery.

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