The Highest Paid Actress Of 2017
2017-Aug-25 | By News Admin

The red hair and big blue eyes are just some of the features of Emma Stone; she is much more than that. The 28-year-old actress is currently ruling Hollywood with her incredible talent. Recently, the Forbes Magazine also announced the list of the Highest Paid Actresses of 2017 and Emma topped the list. 

Emma really keeps her fans hooked when she is on-screen and has her way of stealing the limelight when she is off-screen. She has been excellent in keeping her personal and professional life separate. Many times Emma has gone on a record to say that she does not like much media attention and likes to live quiet and private life when she is not working.

Emma is also not afraid of trying different dresses on various occasions. The beautiful actress can easily rock any place with her charm.

Here we have gathered some interesting facts about Emma Stone with some of her most ravishing looks. 

Sources : wittyfeed