Sri Lanka's Koombiyo Becomes The Highest Rated Crime TV Series On IMDB
2017-Oct-26 | By News Admin

Koombiyo, a popular Sri Lankan TV series, is now the highest rated crime TV series on the International Movie Database (IMDB).

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Koombiyo, a TV series directed by Lakmal Dharmaratne, got a rating of 9.9, while Breaking Bad, which came second, was rated 9.5. 

However, the total number of votes Koombiyo has received is much lower than that of the other international TV shows. Koombiyo has so far received 4954 votes whereas Breaking Bad, which ranked number two, got 1028995 votes. 

The large majority who voted for Koombiyo had given it full points, allowing Sri Lankan TV series to top the category. 

The plot of the TV series revolves around an educated bachelor Jehan, and his partner in crime Priyantha, trying to exploit loopholes in the legal system to make a living. 

Koombiyo is Dharmaratne's directorial debut. 

Artistes Thumindu Dodantenna, Yureni Noshika and Kalana Gunasekera play the main roles of the TV series. 


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