Universal & Illumination drop Louis C.K. from the Secret Life of Pets 2
2017-Nov-13 | By News Admin

As part of the continuing fallout from the sexual misconduct charges against Louis C.K., the comedian has been removed from The Secret Life of Pets 2. It’s been a rough day or so for C.K., who has seen his film and TV career quickly come crashing down, at least for now. Of course, it’s hard to feel any sympathy for him, as C.K. today admitted in a statement that the acts of sexual misconduct he had been accused of in yesterday’s New York Times expose did indeed happen. With that in mind, it’s hard to blame anyone for trying to distance themselves from him.

One of the first to take action was HBO, who yesterday removed C.K. from the guest list for their upcoming Night of Too Many Stars charity event, and took down all archival content featuring the comedian from their on-demand services. The premiere of C.K’s new film I Love You, Daddy was also quickly canceled yesterday, with distributor The Orchard choosing to cancel the release of the film entirely today.

Sources : news24