Avengers 4 star reveals filming may wrap in January
2017-Dec-11 | By News Admin

Avengers 4 star Sebastian Stan says filming on the superhero sequel may finally wrap up in January. Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 shot back-to-back, making for one epic shooting marathon for Stan and the saga’s other actors. Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige has called Avengers 4 a “finale” for the MCU. The so-called Phase 4 of the MCU launches after Avengers 4, with 20 Marvel movies planned.

As the first major team-up, 2012’s The Avengers marked a watershed moment in movie history. For one, the film proved the viability of epic superhero team-ups, with its $1.5 billion worldwide gross. For better or worse, the film also launched the era of the shared universe. Even Star Wars went the expanded universe route with Rogue One, following the Marvel example. The luster of the shared universe concept has dimmed in recent months thanks to developments at the box office. However, Marvel’s cinematic universe continues to chug along with no end in sight.

Sources : news24