New GI Joe, Dungeons & Dragons & Micronauts movies get release dates
2017-Dec-19 | By News Admin

Paramount Pictures selects release dates for Micronauts, a new G.I. Joe, and Dungeons & Dragons, as well as an untitled Hasbro event movie. Last month, the studio inked a new production and distribution deal with Hasbro to develop multiple blockbuster features based on the toy and game manufacturers properties. Considering that Michael Bay’s Transformers series remains Paramount’s highest-grossing franchise, and that Hasbro has plenty of iconic brands under its belt, it made sense for both companies to want to expand their partnership with one another.

In association with Hasbro’s newly-formed studio, Allspark Pictures, Paramount is currently working to expand the Transformers franchise with Travis Knight’s 2018 spinoff, Bumblebee: The Movie, and the untitled Transformers 6. Plus, actor Joe Manganiello is scripting his own Dungeons & Dragons film in partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures and Sweetpea Entertainment. But Allspark’s new arrangement with Paramount seemingly cuts Warners’ out of the picture, unless the two Hollywood studios decide to work together on the film like they did with Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. Finally, a Micronauts film will flesh out Paramount and Hasbro’s planned cinematic universe, though not much has been known about the project since its official announcement in 2015… until now.

Sources : news24