Bike safety tips
2017-Jun-02 | By News Admin

Give your bike a good once-over

Before you take off, make sure your brakes and gears are working properly and that your tires are inflated.

Know the rules of the road

Your bike is considered a vehicle, so laws that apply to motorists also apply to you. If you're biking on the road, you should:

Obey all traffic lights, road markings and stop signs. Ride with traffic, and use the right lane or bike lane. Use hand signals to indicate turns and lane changes.
Bring the right gear

You'll want a few essential safety items and equipment to take care of minor maintenance issues.

A properly fitted helmet is a necessity. Helmets can reduce the risk of brain injury or other head trauma if you're involved in a crash.

Front and back lights Reflectors secured to your bike Bright-colored or reflective clothing Replacement tube Air pump Patch kit for tire repair Tire lever Multi-tool with wrenches, screwdrivers, and a chain tool

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