ICC Anti-Corruption Committee Probes Into 40 Lankan Cricketers: Largest Anti-Corruption Investigation Inquiry Into SL Cricket So Far
2017-Sep-25 | By News Admin

The Anti-Corruption Committee of the International Cricket Council (ICC) has now launched an inquiry into 40 Sri Lankan cricketers to ascertain whether they were involved in match fixing and spot fixing. 

This is the largest anti-corruption investigation launched by the ICC into Sri Lanka's cricket, so far. 

The inquiry comes in the wake of remarks made by former Sri Lankan fast bowler and Selections Committee member Pramodya Wickremasinghe on some 'suspicion developments' that took place during the recent cricket tournaments against Australia and Zimbabwe.

Although 40 Sri Lankan cricketers requested the SLC launch an investigation into Wickremasinghe's claims, the former fast bowler said an SLC-led inquiry would be ineffectual. He said a Presidential Commission should be appointed to look into the matter. 

It is in this light that the Ant-corruption Committee of the ICC announced they had taken up the matter. 

Sources : asianmirror