These New Rules Introduced By The ICC Are Guaranteed To Change Cricket Forever
2017-Sep-27 | By News Admin

The ICC or the International Cricket Council is the A batsman governing body of cricket and is in charge of making the rules which are to be obeyed. The ICC keeps tampering few rules but following recommendations during their annual meeting, ICC had introduced a whole new set of rules which are to be put to use from September 28th. 

So that means that on September 28th, the India vs Australia match to be held at M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru would be played under the new rules issued by the ICC. 

So what are these new rules? The rules range from bat sizes to run outs, so we at WittyFeed would like to present you with the list of changes that are being brought by the ICC. 

1. Boundary catches.

A player attempting to take a boundary catch must be airborne from the inside of the boundary in order to take a catch, irrespective of whether his feet touch the ground or not. This means a player can not jump from outside of the boundary, take a catch mid-air and land inside the boundary.

2. Players can be sent off.

Like football, in cricket too, players now could be sent off for serious or violent misconduct. 

Sources : wittyfeed