The camera loves this gorgeous gorilla! Resident ape at Prague Zoo is extremely photogenic
2017-Jul-18 | By News Admin
  • Richard the gorilla has proved a huge hit at Prague Zoo in the Czech Republic
  • Appears to enjoy the attention with pictures showing him posing for the camera
  • The father-of-eight can be seen flexing his  huge muscles and flaring his lips 

Flaring his lips and flexing his huge arm muscles, this gorgeous gorilla likes nothing better than posing for the camera.
Father-of-eight Richard has long been a crowd favourite at his zoo in Prague in the Czech Republic, turning heads with his striking appearance.
The handsome ape appears to thrive on the attention of visitors, looking into the camera with almost model-like facial expressions.
Zoo photographer Petr Hamernik said he could barely keep his camera off the popular gorilla.
He added: 'Richard is one of our stars, our visitors love him.'

Sources : Dailymail