Unlucky Owner's LaFerrari Supercar Worth Rs 6.5 Crores Is About To Be Crushed Into A Cube
2017-Aug-01 | By News Admin

Ferrari’s current hypercar offering, the LaFerrari, is about as awesome as a car can get. The car is powered by a V12 engine and electric motors which together produce 950 bhp. And it’s as exclusive as cars come – only 500 coupe models were ever made and 209 convertibles will be made. Each example costs an eye-watering $1 million or about Rs 6.5 crore.
Owners probably think themselves lucky to even own one. Except for this one gentleman from South Africa. His LaFerrari is destined to be turned into scrap metal by a car crusher. Here’s why.

According to Fin24, about three years ago, he tried to bring the car to his home country, but couldn’t muster the taxes and duties the govt. imposes. The car was therefore left to languish in a warehouse. Then in February this year, the owner submitted an export declaration to take the car to Congo.

But a day after leaving South Africa, the car was allegedly smuggled back into the country from the same border post. As luck would have it, they were caught. Now, the car has been impounded again and if the owner is not able to justify the car’s import back into the country, the car will be crushed into a cube.

Sources : indiatimes